Our ability
  • Own harvesting and manufacturing
  • Any and all shipments and quantities
  • Own logistics – product delivery to the consumer or store with constant temperature control (-18-25 °C) ensures quality preservation
  • Flexible pricing for long-term partners
  • Return of residues subject to meeting all storage and sales recommendations
  • Heat seal package, gift package, provision of promotional articles, mix-and-match options – we offer corporate sets of fish products, holiday sets
About us
Dikiy Ulov has been engaged in the harvesting and processing of salmon and caviar in the Khabarovsk Territory since 1998. To date the company has grown and its fishing activities include herring, shrimp, squid, walleye pollock, smelt and other seafood. Our full cycle production includes not only fish capture, but also raw material processing at the fishing ground. Our company has 7 own fish-processing factory ships with more than 600 employees united by common aspirations and goals – to preserve and convey the benefits of Far-Eastern fish. That is why we are engaged in harvesting of exclusively wild fish. Caviar and fish are preserved following a traditional recipe, without any preservatives and flavor enhancers. We ensure the highest quality of our products.